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Our experience:

30 years developing Deep Water Technology
100 Millions lettuce heads produced

We are proud and pleased to see the interest raised nowadays by Deep Water Technology (DWT). While producing all those lettuces over that period of time we kept improving the system and adapting it to different species under a wide variety of weather conditions. We are offering you the opportunity to benefit from this cumulated experience and expertise right from project design and throughout the entire construction / commissioning process leading to a no-fault production start-up.

Our Expertise


Our original expertise and still our core business, the production of greenhouse lettuces has developed steadily over the last 30 years. While Butterhead remains the best lettuce type for production and market acceptance, constant research is now bringing up the possibility to also produce a wider base of lettuce types including Romaine COS, Curly, Lolo Biondo and Lolo Rosso, Batavia, Oak Leaf green and red, as well as Leaf green and Red. Average production cycles per year: 18


The challenge was to blend the easiness and productivity of hydroponic Floating Rafts with the seeding flexibility of soil direct seeding systems. It took several years of trials to come up with a revolutionary boards and highly mechanised system developed in cooperation with Italian growers and researchers. Automation help limiting to 5 workers / Ha for seeding, germination, irrigation, growing-up, harvesting & boards wash-up. Average production cycles per year: 20


Aquaponic is describing a system where fish and vegetables grow in symbiosis, sharing same water, and more or less feeding each other. HydroNov has developed a different approach where water systems are kept separated, the link between the 2 systems being made through a bio-digester, which is producing plants food from fish wastes, opening the possibility for a commercial organic hydroponic production. The system of the future, available today.