High Density Hydroponic Growing Systems



Recent development in water recirculation systems for fish production are quite similar to those made for recirculated hydroponic plant production. New technologies now allow indoor production levels to 200Kg per square meter annually according to species, helping to overcome the dramatic decrease output from traditional wild fishing.

Recirculated Aquaculture

The development of water recirculation applied to fish production has made it possible to grow several fish species in a wide range of locations in the world. One of the main advantages is to save water while increasing production levels, thus helping to protect water resources while helping to feed the world.

Multiple lots / Multi Stage Management

Hydronov's approach is to multiply the number of starting lots to achieve continuous production throughout the year, thus leading to a continuous harvest output. Each lot has a set number of individual fish that will be monitored through their entire lives, thus making possible implementation of a constant quality tracking system. The end result is maximum productivity and full traceability of first quality fish.

Closing the loop with Aquaponics: Integrated Fish Vegetables Production (IFVP)

Taking advantage of its expertises with re-circulating production of vegetables and fish, HydroNov was able to conceive a commercially viable system by linking both production systems via a bio-digester capable to transform fish wastes in vegetables nutrients Thus opening the possibility to grow organic vegetables in this Bioponic system.