High Density Hydroponic Growing Systems


Deep Water Hydroponic Growing Technology (DWT)

HydroNov Inc. is currently installing greenhouse's hydroponic growing systems with complete operational back-up for customers around the world. Built over the success of a small research and development project at the beginning of the Eighties that has been able to create from scratch a unique growing system, the Deep Water Floating Rafts Technology.

This technique draw interest from growers and business people all over the world and is now widely used, including 3 Millions square feet installed by HydroNov in Canada, USA, China, Japan, Mexico, France...

HydroNov technical services include technology transfer, growing system material and installation, production software & follow-up, and project design & turn-key delivery.

Technical Services

Option 1 - Turn-Key Projects

- Project planning
- Greenhouse selection and building
- Control Equipment
- Growing system materials and installation
- Production equipments selection and installation
- Production planning software
- Workers training
- Technical Supervision
- Expertise Transfer

Option 2 - Growing System

- Growing system materials and installation
- Production equipments material and installation
- Production planning software
- Expertise transfer
- Technical Support

Project Minimum Size: 10,000m² [105 000 sq.ft.]

What People Say

"...Several times I had the occasion to visit HydroNov projects with world renown experts, and all were unanimous to mention the high level of productivity and performance by the systems delivered by HydroNov..."
Mr. Andre Gosselin
Horticultural Research Center
Laval University, Quebec

Company Structure

Luc Desrochers
President and Founder

Luc is Founder of HydroNov Inc. and previously of HydroSerre Mirabel Inc. He has an enviable track record in developing and commercially deploying innovations worldwide in hydroponics, recirculating aquaculture and aquaponics technologies. His most recent commercial success have been in deploying automated direct seeding and harvesting of greenhouse hydroponic leafy greens in the USA. Backed by his specialized team members he has supervised his company growth and is an acknowledged leader in his field, having trained hundreds of operators, collaborated in applied research projects, and delivered many industry presentations and training seminars in his nearly 30 year career.

Main Team Members

Sebastien Lecoq
Canada, Project Supervisor

Philip Rivard
Canada, Design & Drawings

Stephane Labelle
Canada, Agronomy

Annalisa Giordano
Italy, Agronomy

Adriano Moretti
Italy, Growing Operations

Jin Fei
China, China Operations

Zhao Jun
China, China Market

OH Ching Lai
South-East Asia Market