High Density Hydroponic Growing Systems


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Company: HydroNov Inc.
Name: Luc Desrochers, CEO
Web Address:
Address: Mirabel, Canada J7N 2H4
Telephone: 1 450 475 75746

HydroNov provides high density hydroponic growing systems for use in greenhouses and other plant growing environments. We invited CEO Luc Desrochers to talk us through his firm’s innovative growing solutions.

Over 30 years ago HydroNove designed a revolutionary hydroponic growing system for leafy vegetables, which is now called deep water/floating rafts technology. Since then the firm have delivered over three Million square feet of growing systems in eight countries, taking charge of all aspects of a project from design to production start-up. Luc outlines the firm’s mission and the techniques it employs to achieve this.

“Here at HydroNov our mission is to give access to efficient vegetables production without the hassles of mist start-up. To achieve this, we deliver every component and send on site experienced staff is our way to install them. By completing the project from start to finish we ensure that the outcome exactly meets the needs of the client.”
Key challenges the firm faces are projects financing and the sites climate, however despite these seemingly tough issues the firm has thrived in recent years thanks to its dedication to quality and commitment to excellence. Ultimately, the firm is keen to continue to provide the very highest standards of service, and is enjoying great success working internationally, as Luc concludes.

“Currently business is strong in our two key regions, the USA and China, and moving forward we are keen to build upon this success and continue to provide clients with the very best solutions. Our latest innovation is Floating Organic growing, which is a concept our clients are keen on, and we are looking forward to showcasing the potential of this technology in the near future.”