High Density Hydroponic Growing Systems


The Organic Way To Grow Hydroponically – HydroNov Growing Philosophy and Practice

In a good organic soil, an healthy and active top layer of 4 to 12 inches is the key to ensuring disease-free, uniform productivity of crops; it is now well known that truly sustainable growth must be supported by biological activity which comes from work done by all kinds of bacteria, fungi and worms to aerate and nourish the soil, integrating added organic matter and minerals and making it available to living plants.

Most other hydroponics systems approach is opposite to that and is more similar to mainstream large fields agriculture, where the tendency was to replace all biological activity by more mineral nutrients and then more pesticides and commercial fertilizers to try to keep everything under control; we are seeing now the limits of that “un”-natural model and the return to more natural ways that enable the plants to thrive in the ideal conditions they need for healthy growth.

Since its introduction in the early eighties, the HydroNov approach has been to cultivate its12 inches of « top water» exactly as if it were organic top soil, i.e. promoting and maintaining vibrant, active microbial activity and keeping it active and balanced for years by supplementing only fresh water that is lost to evapo-transpiration of plants and air as the roots breathe in a natural environment where they are never stressed by chemicals, bad weather, insects or disease. No emptying of the “organic top soil water” solution is ever needed or desirable, as supplemental mineral nutrition to plants (which can vary by species) has always been based on a single “as needed” element approach, also an HydroNov exclusive, whereby we routinely monitor individual mineral content and feed the plant exactly what has been consumed (and is needed to be consumed).

Now, we can routinely grow hydroponically in 100% compliance with the strictest organic practices by replacing mineral nutrients by anaerobically biodigested organic fertilization that comes from our integrated fish farm as well as from other natural mineral sources.

Organic hydroponics is now a reality, and once again HydroNov is the one to introduce a viable and practical application for it.