Green Life Farms Selects Hydronov as Partner

Green Life Farms has selected Hydronov, a Pranger Company, to design, construct and provide technology for its state-of-the-art hydroponic farm in Boynton Beach, FL. Green Life Farms will use Hydronov’s pioneering deep-water floating raft technology, which is cost effective and environmentally friendly. Green Life Farms will use Hydronov’s deep-water floating raft technology (FRT) to grow baby leafy greens for supermarkets, … Read More

Pranger Enterprises Acquires Hydroponics Company

Hudson, IN– Pranger Enterprises Inc. is excited to announce the acquisition of Canadian hydroponics designer and builder Hydronov. This acquisition solidifies Pranger’s position as a forerunner in the aquaculture field by expanding the services they offer to include hydroponics design and build. Pranger Enterprises is an Indiana-based consultant and construction manager specializing in the development of commercial recirculating aquaculture system … Read More