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Organic produce

Hydronov’s FRT technology supports the production of organic produce.

In traditional soil-based organics, an active and healthy top layer of topsoil is the key to ensuring productivity of crops. Sustainable growth is supported by biological activity from worms, bacteria, and fungi as well as the addition of organic matter and minerals, all working in balance.

The Hydronov approach is to cultivate the top 12 inches of water as carefully as organic soil. We promote and maintain a vibrant, active microbial activity and keep the water balanced for years. The secret: supplementing only the fresh water that is lost to evaporation and transpiration of the plants. No water is ever needed or desirable. The Hydronov growing method routinely monitors individual mineral content and feeds the plant only what it needs for optimum health and growth.

Local produce

Produce grown locally helps strengthen a region’s economy by providing jobs, supporting local businesses, and bringing the freshest, highest quality produce to consumers. Without the need to transport produce over a long distance, transportation costs as well as the detrimental effect of long-distance shipping is reduced. This is a win for both the greenhouse owner and the consumer!

Hydronov works with our investors and our greenhouse owners to identify the best area to build a greenhouse facility. When greenhouses are located near the consumers they will serve, shipping costs are reduced, and a higher quality product can be delivered.