Deep Water Culture

Getting Started

What is DWC?

Deep Water Culture, or DWC, is a hydroponic growing technique that maintains plants’ roots by dangling them into nutrient and oxygen-rich water. Utilizing a controlled environment hydroponic system, the roots are exposed to everything they need to feed the plant. This includes the proper amount of oxygen and ideal temperature conditions, so you can achieve optimal growth and production of healthy crops.

Hydronov’s indoor floating raft technology typically grows plants in a rectangular reservoir one foot deep. By submerging crops “deep” underwater, farmers achieve the best environmental growing conditions for plants.

Traditional growing methods require more soil and water usage with varying results depending on the growing season. Utilizing floating raft technology, deep water culture improves the growth, flavor, nutritional value, and ease of agricultural development while reducing excess waste, soil usage, or reliance on chemical pesticides.

Graphic of plants growing in floating raft technology over water.

Getting More From Your Harvest

Advantages of DWC

In suitable weather conditions, DWC allows farmers to nearly triple their annual yield compared to traditional growing methods. Utilizing the DWC hydroponic growing method, grow your plants in small spaces while still maintaining optimal growth conditions. This means that with Hydronov’s Floating Raft Technology, you gain not only better control over your plants’ growth rate and quality, but other advantages like:

Hydronov greenhouse facility with healthy greens growing in floating raft technology.
Control your plants' growth rate and quality

Floating raft equipment that’s simple to use, easy to maintain, and can be set up both indoors and outdoors.

Reduce the risk of plant disease by maintaining a nutrient-rich environment.

Since the plants are suspended in nutrient-rich water, they absorb more light and oxygen than in other systems.

DWC is among the most productive hydroponic systems, helping the growth and harvest of an abundant amount of healthy food in limited space.

Graphic of person spraying greens.


Graphic of greenhouse


Graphic of greens sitting in water.


Different than traditional methods

How It Works

Often defined as a method of “growing without soil,” deep water culture hydroponic systems work simply by placing plants directly in nutrient-rich, oxygenated water to grow. Many agriculturalists have the misconception that the nutrients plants need come from soil; however, the truth is everything plants need to grow—water, nutrients, oxygen, and environmental temperature—come from water! Our DWC system uses the following key ingredients:

Growing Media

DWC uses growing media such as oasis, coco coir mix, peat moss, or rockwool cubes as the growing base to anchor plants in place and sow their roots.

Graphic image of 3 brown hills.


O2 is injected directly into the water source, this allows plants to uptake elements and nutrients needed for healthy plants and roots. Good O2 levels also help the plants combat bacteria and fungi. 

Graphic image of water drops

Grow Rafts

Growing rafts with slots/furrows, allow for newly germinated seeds to wick up the O2/nutrient-rich water, allowing the plant roots to grow down toward/into the water and continue to absorb/take up all the O2/fertilized water needed to grow to a desired targeted harvesting size. 

Graphic of greens sitting on shelves.

Preparing For the Future


Deep water culture is a highly sustainable, environmentally conscious method of growing plants. This system improves the cost and output to harvest plants and uses less water to grow fresh, nutritious plants compared to traditional farming methods. Using hydroponics, farmers and gardeners can expect more bountiful harvests without having to invest in more work, energy, or supplies to do so.

Person's hands with virtual graphic image of the world with sustainability signs floating around.

Find Your Market

Growing Options

Through our deep water culture system, Hydronov’s water-conscious Floating Raft Technology ensures agricultural productivity and security for all your growing needs. Though we’ve found our highest market demand to come from mixed baby greens and butterhead lettuce, our technology allows you to grow a wide range of plants. Explore our produce possibilities below:


Butterhead Lettuce


Red Butterhead Lettuce

Red Butterhead

Green Oak Leaf Lettuce

Green Oakleaf

Red Oak Leaf Lettuce

Red Oakleaf

Lollo Bionda Lettuce

Lollo Bionda

Lollo Rosa Lettuce

Lollo Rosa

Batavia Lettuce


Romaine Lettuce

Green Romaine

Red Romaine Lettuce

Red Romaine

Green Leaf Salanova Lettuce

Greenleaf Salanova

Red Leaf Salanova Lettuce

Redleaf Salanova

Other Produce

Baby greens leaf mix

Baby Leaf Mix

Basil leaves






Spinach bunch




Beet leaves






Green leaves

Green Leaf

Kale, Radishes, Parsley, Amaranth, Mizuna, Tatsoi, Baby Lettuce, Green Onion, Asian Greens, Culinary Herbs, Medicinal Herbs

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Frequently Asked Questions

When did Hydronov become a US-based company?

Hydronov was purchased from Luc Desrochers in Montreal, Quebec by Nick and Gabe Pranger and was moved to Ashley, Indiana in the fall of 2017. It remains a US-based company today.

Is Hydronov focused only on hydroponic technology?

We are more than a hydroponic technology company. After purchasing the company, Nick and Gabe added years of construction and mechanical experience to Hydronov. We now offer complete turn-key projects, including design build work based on not only technology, but all construction services.

When should I reach out to discuss my project?

Hydronov offers a first-look feasibility study where we review your project and talk through your needs regarding land acquisition, utilities, logistics, and processes. We recommend partnering with us early on so we can share our incite on how best to move forward and help you optimize your project to its full potential.

Why should we hire Hydronov?

Combining heavy construction and mechanical design build with the experience of building time-tested, successful hydroponic systems, Hydronov is the contractor with the skills necessary to keep your hydroponic project on time and on budget. We understand the unique requirements each system needs from construction design to project completion.

Are there career opportunities with Hydronov?

We're always looking for people who are passionate about building and growing the future through hydroponics, whether that’s helping us or our clients as we staff their start-up facilities. If you are interested in a traveling construction job or becoming a grower, contact us for a consultation.