Hydroponics is all about growing plants in nutrient-rich water solutions without soil. For these plants to thrive, they need a strong root system; one of the keys to developing them is the zone of aeration: the area where the root of the plant intakes oxygen. How does this work in a hydroponic system? Let’s find out!

Understanding the Zone of Aeration

Like any living organism, plants need oxygen to survive. Without sufficient oxygen, the root system suffers, leading to root rot and stunted plant growth. If the zone of aeration cannot access the oxygen it would typically find in soil, where does it find this vital element? The answer is an inline oxygen diffuser. Pressurized oxygen is emitted from the diffuser as one-micron bubbles. These tiny bubbles are entrained in the pool water recirculation loop with pressure and time. This highly efficient system allows growers to accurately control dissolved oxygen levels in their pools at all times for minimal expense.

This brings up two other important considerations for root care. Along with monitoring the oxygen level in the zone of aeration with a dissolved oxygen meter, controlling temperature and acidity also plays a critical role in the health of hydroponic plants.

The water temperature of a hydroponic system should be maintained between 65°F and 80°F (18°C and 27°C) for optimal growth. Below this range, the plants grow slowly; above it, the root system easily contracts disease. As for the water’s pH level, it should be between 5.5 and 6.5. This is important to monitor because a pH level that’s either too low or too high harms the root system and stifles plant growth.

Easily Monitor and Control Your System’s Zone of Aeration

Managing and maintaining a healthy zone of aeration is critical to creating a thriving hydroponic system. Beyond controlling oxygen and temperature levels in the root zone, choosing the right deep water culture system and the right partners to help makes all the difference. At Hydronov, we ensure a healthy root system and a bountiful harvest for hydroponic growers across the globe. Curious to see this work in action? Learn how we help our partners over at Green Life Farms leverage our powerful technology.

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